Meeting client needs with Superior Infrastructure Solutions and Materials Handling System Solutions has placed AarconInfra at the forefront. We have the breadth of expertise to design, build, operate and Maintain Infrastructure Systems, as well as the ability to facilitate Project Funding Transactions in an efficient manner. Since our inception, AarconInfra has accumulated significant intellectual property through our internal Professional Team whose Expertiseis continually enhanced by exposure to Infrastructure and Material Handling Projects in India and Abroad

AarconInfra's solution services are aimed at reducing Technical and Commercial risks of a project. This is achieved by improving operational performance of the Engineering Infrastructure and of the assets. Direct focus is given to the combination of project complexity, timing, safety and size, to make it a successful venture. 

For every Project a Dedicated Team of Specialists are Organized to achieving Positive outcomes for the expected challenges on both the Technical and Commercial front. AarconInfra offers the full spectrum of activities from Planning and Basic design, through Detailed Engineering Design, Contractor's activities, Procurement and CommissioningRisk Insurance, Ending with Project delivery, Operations and Maintenance.