Industrial Infrastructure

When a demanding and challenging project requires Structural Steel Fabrication, clients’ turn to our unmatched capabilities to meet their complex design-build requirements. As the recognized industry leader in the fabrication, design, engineering, and erection of structural steel throughout the INDIA and abroad, the core priority of our company is to successfully exceed client expectation by focusing innovation, knowledge and commitment on every commercial, industrial and public structure we assemble.

Since 2008, AARCONINFRA has been involved in the construction of hundreds of recognized and admired projects, including several landmark structures. When AARCONINFRA’s “Hugger Orange” coated beams are seen on a construction site, it signifies that the structure has gone up with the knowledge, experience, dedication, technical artistry, and professionalism that only an exceptional fabrication company can deliver.

AARCONINFRA has become one of the largest providers of structural steel throughout INDIA & abroad because our clients have been able to rely upon us to meet the exacting standards and requirements of their projects regardless of scope, size or complexity. We ensure that the confidence placed in us as their fabricator of choice is justified by always rendering up that rare commodity, a cost-effective quality project, delivered on time and within budget. You will find AARCONINFRA to be the most innovative, responsive and customer focused organization in the industry.