Monocable Detachable Cabins/Lifts

Monocable Detachable gondola lifts are monocable systems in which the vehicles are detached from the haul cable in the stations. The entry and exit areas of the gondola platform are traversed at lower speeds, enabling passengers to easily enter and leave the cabins. The entire system provides a very high transport capacity.

These gondola lifts have one rope acting as carrying and hauling rope at the same time. The cabins are available in different designs, e.g., rectangular or round, and always have an aluminum frame. The large windows offer passengers a panoramic view. The seats can also be provided with heating.

The cabins of this type of installation transport up to 10 passengers per cabin. In addition to classic winter sports tourism, these lifts are increasingly in demand for alternative purposes, such as transport to tourist sights, urban commuting, and as attractions in themselves.

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